Before you buy the blinds, it is essential that you are well aware of all the kinds of blinds that are there in the market. This is going to help you choose the one that is most suited to you. Read here!

Vertical Blinds

These are made up of individual slats that are arranged in a way that makes them run along the track at the top. These kinds of blinds can be parted from the middle, or they are operated side to side. These are the best options to go for if you are thinking of having something on the large windows. It is an excellent way of decking up your patio. Most of the customers take this when they come asking for Blinds in Balwyn.

Venetian Blinds

If you are thinking about getting the most popular blinds in the market, then we suggest you go for this one. This looks great, and people are increasingly going for this one. When you raise the blinds, the bottom slats are going get pressed in the slats above.

Mini Blinds

These are not any different from the Venetian blinds. In fact, it can also be called mini Venetian blinds. The slats are of a smaller size than the regular Venetian slats. It is suited for smaller windows. Thinking to bring in some changes in the windows at your home then we suggest you go for this one. Blinds in Blackburn are available in this format too.

Micro Blinds

As the name is suggesting, the slats are more minutely placed than the Venetian blinds or the mini blinds. The blinds are ½” in width. It all depends on the choice. Usually, these blinds are installed in the bathroom because it gives much higher privacy.

Panel Blinds

This blind is very different from all the blinds that I have mentioned above. These have sections that are designed to move along a track, and this enables us to operate the blinds effectively. So, if you are looking for panel Blinds in Boronia, then here you go!

Pleated Blinds

An accordion-like pattern is what is going to attract you the most when we are talking about pleated blinds. The material that forms the surface of the blind is pleated. The primary material that is used in this is paper and fabric. The difference between these blinds and the regular Venetian blinds is that pleated blinds are not operated from side to side.

Cellular Blinds

There are many similarities between the pleated blinds and the cellular blinds. But the cellular blinds are made up of two materials that are designed in a way that the front and the back sections are open, which leads to the creation of a pocket, which is quite helpful in insulation. It is one of the worthy options in Blinds in Brighton.

If you are looking for some variation, then you are most welcome because there are many sub-categories of cellular blinds.

Roman Blinds

The most traditional form of blinds; this blind is going to win your hearts with is simplicity and aesthetic value. The common materials that are used in the making this is jute or seagrass. But, depending upon the supply of materials, there can be different materials used, based on availability.

The only problem that you are going to face because of this blind is that it takes a large part of the window while being set up, and your view gets blocked by a certain length on all sides. This may not be something that you want to go for because having Blinds in Balwyn and compromising the view does not sound like a good deal.

As the blind is raised, the fabric starts to get folded in itself. Once the blind is completely lifted, you are going to see that a large stack of fabric is there at the top of the window. It will be back to normal once you have drawn the blind.

If you are out searching for and thinking to get roman blinds, then my suggestion is to use it on large-sized windows.

So what are you thinking? Have you thought of experimenting with the large window that you have? Get the roman Blinds in Balwyn today!

Roller Blinds

After Venetian and Roman, this is the most common blind. In fact, you will observe, these blinds are more liked and purchased by people than the other kinds of blinds. The main reason behind it is adaptability. The primary materials used are natural or synthetic fabrics. There is no fixed way of mounting these on the window. It all depends on the installer and your choice.

Different methods are used by different installers. The main reason why this is bought is that it gives full coverage and is easy to operate. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors. Because of the color, it provides an option for the people to merge it with the housing backdrop or the wall paint or have a contrasting décor.

So, how are you going to experiment with it?

Tie-Up Blinds

Tie-up blinds may also be referred to as tie-up shades. The fabric that is used in these blinds are experimental, and a variety of it can be used. There is a thin rope-like thing that runs vertically across the blinds and can form wrinkles on the fabric when the fabric is moved upward on that rope. It is an excellent idea for Blinds in Boronia. However, many of the experts are of the opinion that this is not really a blind but more of a curtain.

Solar Blinds

Again, it may also be referred to as solar shades. If you are looking to block out some of the lights from the room, then go for this. This is not only going to block out the lights but also filter the UV rays without making the room entirely dark. Jokingly, it is called the sunglasses of your house.

Outdoor Blinds

All this while we have been talking about blinds that are placed on the indoors. But now we will also move from that category to another. There are many types of outdoor blinds. Café blinds are the most common ones. There are patio blinds and ziptrak blinds too. Choose the one you think fits your house. Choose it from Lifestyle Awnings. Get in touch with them for Blinds in Boronia or any other place.

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Advantages of having blinds

When we think of re-decorating the living space, there are many levels of creativity that we can experiment with. One of the sure-shot and perfect ways of enhancing the look is to go for window treatments. Windows form an important part of the house, and bringing a twist in it can change the overall look of the home.

Energy Efficient

Here, we are explicitly talking about window treatments. Let us keep the outdoor blinds for another time. Or, you can check out the blog section to spot a blog on outdoor Blinds in Eltham or anywhere in the vicinity.

The blinds, on being installed, give control over the lights that are entering the house. So, if you have the blinds, you know that you will be having a more suitable temperature at home than what you would be having without the blinds on.

The fabrics that are used in blinds are of so many different categories that you can have the desired control over the light. If you want to keep the lights completely out of the room, then you can go for block out blinds. If you want a bit of light to come in but want the UV rays to get filtered, then try going for sunscreen blinds. There are many sunscreen Blinds in Boronia.

Likewise, there are many options that you can go for; if you want to get in touch with a professional and find out more about blinds, then you can call Lifestyle Awnings or come drop at the store. The experts are going to be glad to explain every bit of it to you. This way, you are going to be away from all kinds of confusion and know well, which one you must pick for yourself.


I know it is not needed to mention again, yet I am saying again. With blinds, your house is going to get a beautiful new look that is going to get you many praises from people who come in.

Aren’t you a fan of that?

So, take the shortest and the smartest route to makeover for your house. Get Blinds in Blackburn at cheap price and bring the changeover.

Is it an office? No issues. There are endless commercial options too. Contact Lifestyle Awnings.


With blinds on the windows, it is not just the temperature that is going to be better controlled, but also you will be able to regulate the privacy level. It is quite uncomfortable to have people passing by and looking into your house. If you think that your privacy is being compromised, then you can have a blind installed.

If you are really really impressed with all that I have told you right now and cannot wait to get blind at your home, then I am glad to hear that. Just pick up your phone and call Lifestyle Awnings. We supply Blinds in Balwyn and a lot of areas other than that.

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