When I say strong-arming, what I mean is, have you taken steps to make sure your awnings survive through the winter and also summers?

While Awnings in Camberwell or any other place in Australia are strong and reliable and do not need much care, there is a bit that you must do to ensure the awnings are functioning in the correct way.

The very first thing that you can use to clean the awnings is the ones that are easily found at home. It is soap and water. Another thing that you are required is a spray bottle. So just mix the soap and water in the spray bottle and spray the solution all over the awnings. Or, at least, till where you are able to reach. I suppose with the spray bottles, and you are going to reach most of the parts of awnings.

Awnings in Melbourne need proper cleaning even more because of the varying weather. So, make sure you are cleaning it all through by following the proper method that we are going to elaborate for you in the section below:

Before you start spraying the solution from the spray bottle, you are supposed to prepare the awning. In order to do so, what you are going to do is take a broom and dust off all the dirt off the awning.

There may be areas where you cannot really reach with the broom. In such cases, you can attach a longer rod to the broom and clean it off. In doing so, make sure you have tied up the broom properly with the broom so that it does not come off.

In this process, you also have to clean off the spider-webs and things like that which have built upon the awning.

Awnings in Melbourne are not a very tough task to do.

Now, the spray bottle that you had prepared with the soapy water starts spraying it on all parts of awnings. Spray on the upper and lower part, alike. When this is over, what you can do is rinse off the solution with the garden hose.

After this, use a scrubber to give that final touch of cleaning.

Remember, you do not just clean the top part but also the inner part. Otherwise, the cleaning is not going to be complete.

So, this was all about cleaning the awnings in Nunawading or anywhere. You have got to follow the same technique, no matter where you are.

Since it is a lengthy task, do it over the weekends.

If you think you want to go for a more detailed cleaning process that also involves fixing the damages too, then follow the step that I have mentioned below:

Locating the affected area

The first thing that you should be doing is locating the area where the damage has taken place. So, locate that area and find out how grave it is.

If it is a minor one, then you can use the tools at home to fix it. If you think that it is something that you cannot manage, then what you can do is seek professional help. There are many awnings experts who will help you in getting the awnings fixed.

If you have Awnings in Richmond, it is the same steps that you are supposed to follow.

Clean the debris off

Once you have located the damage and fixed it (if it is minor), you can now clean the debris off the awnings. Awnings are exposed to the weather, and the dust and debris get collected over it quite easily. So, make sure you are cleaning it off.

This will not only keep it new but also keep it looking fresh and clean.

Definitely, you are not the one who will like to have a shabby entrance to the house or have a dirt-laden awning on the patio area.

If it is the chilly winter, then make sure you are scraping off the snow layers of the awning.

Washing it

The next step that is involved here is washing the Awnings in Hawthorn. Use soap and water to clean it. Washing the awning may become difficult. So, if you think rising up the hand and standing on a climbing-ladder may be difficult for you, you can take it off at once and clean it by bringing it down. Here also, you can go for professional help.

So, that was all about cleaning the awnings.

I have highlighted for you two different kinds of the cleaning process for the awnings.

Pick the one you think is most suited for you.

If you are confused about which one to go for then, you can contact a professional team. The best team for Awnings in Hawthorn right now is available with Lifestyle Awnings.

What to look for at the time of buying Awnings?

Here are some factors that are most common and must be considered when we are looking for awnings:


Find out which size of awning you are looking for. Awnings are of different types, and based on that, size also varies. When you are buying smaller awnings, you will be getting smaller coverage. If you are looking for smaller coverage but more of decoration, then the smaller ones are the right choice for you.

If you are looking for more coverage, then go for the ones that are large and have greater coverage.

Whether you are talking about Awnings in Camberwell or in Melbourne, these are several things that you must follow.

Now let us see the other factors that must be considered in buying awnings.


Though we may assume that awnings are all the same, it is not the real thing. There are different styles of awnings that we have that include double bar standard, gable walkway, semi-circular entrance, quarter barrel, and the traditional with closed or open sides, dome-style, and waterfall. As the industry is developing, there are more experiments being carried out by the engineers. Hence, we see that more and more styles of Awnings in Camberwell are coming up.

Your own Need

While the industry is overflowing with different kinds of awnings, it is you who has to choose one carefully. Remember, you can’t let your desire guide you blindly. You have to see which one is suiting you and which one will fit into your house, office or whatever is the place you are buying it for.


Yes, this is quite important. A large part of the inclination of customers is towards enhancing the outer look of the place. Here, color is going to play a vital role.

What is your favorite color?

Usually, it is the neutral colors that are chosen. You can go for cream, grey, white, brown beige. But these are just suggestions. No one is stopping you from getting experimental and going all dramatic with the Awnings in Camberwell and the backdrop you have.


Next is the material that will be used in the awning. There are different fabrics that are used.

Which one is your favorite?

More than that, the question that you should be asking is which is best suited for your purpose. This question may be difficult for you to answer as we do not expect you to have knowledge of the fabrics used in awnings.

For this, you can contact Lifestyle Awnings and find out all the details. If you are interested in having face to face interaction, then you are most welcome to the store. The address is available on the contact section of the website.

I hope with these tips; you will be able to get the best of Awnings in Richmond.

A few more things to look for when buying awnings


Often we hear about a thing from a friend and decide to buy it without even thinking if that is something we must buy at all. Then the next thing we see is that the product is lying idle at home.

What is that called?

A waste of money, for sure!

Do not be the hasty decision-maker. Before buying anything, whether it is awning or blinds, do some research and get an idea of the product.

So, if you are looking for Awnings in Melbourne, dedicate some time to getting a fine idea about it through blogs and tutorials. We are Lifestyle Awnings. We sell awnings, but we also believe in guiding the consumers with the utmost honesty. Our aim is not just profit-making but also suggesting our consumer things that will be most beneficial for them.

Reading the feedback

Feedback forms the basis of a company’s improvement yardstick, and without feedback, a company will never understand it is going in the right direction or not.

So, look for feedback on the past consumers. It is going to help you a lot. These can be acquired from the website under the heading of testimonials.

So, that was all I have got to say. The blog ends here, but we can continue to be in touch with you. Be our valued client at Lifestyle Awnings.

Contact Lifestyle Awnings for all kinds of options in awnings. If you are looking for Blinds in Balwyn then also you are most welcome to call us and inquire.

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