Thank you sincerely for visiting our web site. We supply an extensive array of top quality Australian Sun Blinds as well as European and German designed Motorised Retractable Awnings and Rolling Roof Systems.

We will be happy to assess any job that has been rejected as too high or too difficult to access by previous companies. We guarantee we will not walk away without a thorough site inspection by our "Installation and Design Team".

For further information about our full product range, simply click on either the "SUN BLINDS" or "AWNINGS" categories above. We also invite you to view some of our completed projects before you go, on display in our "INSTALLATIONS" page.

Some of our Blinds and Awnings are designed to bridge seamlessly across multiple product categories. You will therefore occasionally discover the same blind or awning featured in more than one gallery on this site.
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What Makes Lifestyle Awnings and Blinds Different?

Lifestyle Awnings and Blinds can design and build virtually any type of shade system to suit your specific requirements. Our awnings and shade systems are found in hospitals, restaurants and cafes, hotels and motels, universities, schools and child care centres, various retirement settings and private residences.
We know we can provide you with an elegant product that will not only protect you from the sun and keep you cool, but also enhance your property and increase it's value.

If you require advice about any sun shade project you can choose a personal home visit by one of our experienced company representatives, or if you prefer, a member of our team of professional in house representatives is always available for a consultation in our head office to guide you in your choice!

We invite you to slip across to our contact page before you leave, you can send us a message with your enquiry and your contact information. You will also be able to send us a picture of the windows you wish to cover, or select one of our website images and send it in with your details. Call our office any week day between 9am and 4pm on 9729 0096.
We will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

iGloo - Home at your hands
iGloo - Home at your hands - Mobile
iGloo - Your home in your hand

At iGloo, we believe you can have control of your “Home in Your Hand”. Using the Power of our smart device, combined with our clever technology, controlling your blinds and awnings will never again be out of reach. Forget stumbling around searching for that missing remote when your tired and about to drop into bed just because you forgot to close your awnings! Simply pick up your smart device and connect!

Smart watches, tablets and smart phones are now your remote controls.

iGloo provides easy to use features that not only enhance your remote control but also makes controlling your blinds and awnings a breeze.

Having trouble keeping track of the remotes you need to manipulate multiple blinds not to mention labelling each one of them? The iGloo family can narrow that down to one device that customises and controls all your blinds and awnings as we say "right there in your hand!".